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The operating system
for your supply chain

Seamless error handling, accurate digitization, and artificially intelligent visibility for modern e-commerce, warehouses, and manufacturers

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$110B is lost every year to
supply chain invoicing errors

Logistics businesses waste time on tedious paperwork and manual data entry, leading to errors, loss, and unhappy customers


avg loss per PO

> 50%

match discrepancy rate

Xchain brings you
intelligent visibility

ScanAI™ provides a mobile system, command center, and API that eliminates errors in supply chain operations by capturing real world data automatically and accurately.

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Instant intelligence

over your business operations and supply chain

Accurate Digitization

Computer vision for tracking

Read without barcodes (OCR)

Read barcodes

Extract info from shipping documents

Seamless Error Handling

Match receivables, POs, and invoices

Data cleaning workflows

Problem escalation

Email and Slack notifications

Data Sharing & Collaboration

Modern API

Support for the leading ERPs

Talks to your WMS

Works with spreadsheets and databases

Our story

Responsible for over $1M per day in shipments for leading logistics companies, we found ourselves spending 50-80% of our time resolving invoice discrepancies manually.

While many have tried to solve this with EDI and sweeping the rest of the problem under the carpet, we set out to design the ultimate operating system for the global supply chain.

We meticulously crafted the final framework that recognizes the realities of your world still ruled by paperwork and error. And we optimized to that reality with unparalleled exception handling and highly accurate physical to digital transformation capabilities.